Event Timing

We offer a comprehensive chip timing service using ‘state of the art’ UHF (Ultra High Frequency) chip timing equipment. The chips (sometimes called tags) can be either one-use items or reusable, they come in a variety of physical form, paper shoe tags, hard shoe tags, ankle tags, cycle helmet and bib tags (stuck to running number). Which tag is used will depend on the type of event to be timed.


We provide an accurate and reliable service at an affordable price. We cater for running races (on or off-road) running relays, triathlon, cycling events, biathlon, duathlon, endurance and swimming events.

If your event has a unique format contact us to discuss it, we are experienced at creating solutions for unusual event requirements, for example The Red Bull Steeplechase which we timed in 2014 and 2015.

Results are produced to match your prize list including unusual age categories, team categories or other requests as you require, providing we know what you require in advance we can deliver quickly and accurately. Manual and video back up is part of the service so no-one will get missed!

We provide the top male and female finisher’s results as soon as they finish (however many required), category results can usually be delivered with 20 minutes of 50% of the field finishing (by this point all category positions are usually filled).

Full results are uploaded to our results pages as they are generated if we have a mobile network connection, otherwise as soon as is possible. We can provide a link to put on your website prior to the race, results appear as soon as we send them. We also send Excel spreadsheets to the organisers after the event.

The one-use tag has some big advantages

  • It can be posted out to the athletes without the worry of retrieving the chip if the athlete does not run (15 to 20% of pre-entered athletes do not start)
  • It does not need to be collected at the finish, thus reducing the need for volunteers to collect them off tired competitors
  • It is much lower cost, typically 25p to 35p as opposed to as much as £7.50 for reusable chips on ankle straps.

Reusable chips are

  • Useful for smaller races, up to 300 competitors where collection after the race is not a problem
  • For off road races where the shoe will be continuously wet and muddy
  • For triathlons and aquathlons

How It all works

Before the race


Before ‘race day’ we would need certain information from you, if the race has special requirements a site visit before the race may be wise.

We would need to know:

  • The layout of the race, are start and finish in the same place, if not how far apart, is the race multi lap etc.
  • If power is available (it is not essential as we can bring a generator)
  • The age categories you are using. We can deal with any categories you wish to use.
  • When you want chips, if one-use these can be processed and sent to you any time before the race.
  • Athlete information which we will specify, on a spreadsheet, 24 to 48 hours before the race.

Race Day

We will normally aim to arrive at the venue two hours before race start time. We will set up the finish area first, erecting a shelter to work from, inflatable arch (if used) and timing equipment. Once this is complete we will go to your race registration to deal with any day entries or amendments. We can deal with approximately 120 day entries comfortably but if you have more we can make provision to process them.

Runners can be added at any point even after they have finished, the system stores times associated with the running number.

If the race start is at a different location to the finish, we will set this up and test all equipment 25 minutes before start time moving back to the finish once the runners have departed. Any further day entries can be added at any point, even after the runner has finished.

Depending on the size of the field the first 100 to 150 finishers will normally contain the prize winners. We can produce a list of overall and category winners as soon as all the category winning positions have been filled. The system will continue to time all athletes up to last place.

Once the last runner has finished we can provide a full provisional set of results. Approximately two hours later we will have a full set of checked and verified results.